6 Strategies to Get Shredded for Summer


4. Deadlifts are your new best friend

To get shredded fast, you need the most powerful exercises out there. And including more squats and deadlifts in your training routine will lead you to your dream physique faster than anything else. That being said, deadlifting deserves some special attention – it’s insanely powerful at building strength, muscle mass while helping you melt a ton of body fat at the same time.

Deadlifts are simple and rather safe when done with proper form and technique. But to get most of them, you have to go hard and heavy. We recommend deadlifting three times per week for optimal results.


5. How about some fasting sessions?

If you think you’re up to it, try intermittent fasting to get rid of that excess fat. Remember, your body doesn’t want to give up its old ways, so you might have to challenge it a bit more. Fasting can be difficult for anyone at the beginning, but your body will have no other choice but to start burning more fat and once you’ve switched to intense fat-burning mode, life will get a lot easier.

It’s simple: skip the late-night meal and breakfast in the next morning, and eat a big healthy lunch after 16 hours of fasting (you already score 8 during sleep), preferably after a workout. Eat a few more times (adequate amounts of food instead of reckless overeating!) until the last few hours before going to bed. Working out on an empty stomach increases all of the regular benefits of the exercise, including fat loss.

If you do it like that, you’ll boost your overall health and muscle gains. Fasting helps in the cleansing of the body of harmful and unnecessary chemicals, stimulates greater fat loss and enhances muscle building by increasing the production of the human growth hormone. And all you need in order to do it is a bit of self-discipline, really.

6. Include sprints in your training

Feeling like you need an extra boost? Make room for two 20-minute sprint sessions in your regular weekly routine. This high-intensity activity will improve your strength and endurance and help you burn more fat than an endless amount of low-intensity exercises. Whether you do it on the treadmill or out in nature – just do it.

Building a powerful physique requires you to employ the most efficient techniques known to mankind, and sprinting definitely falls into that category. Also, you’ll benefit a lot more from combining different exercises that work all parts of your body in a variety of ways, compared to just sticking to your favorite lifts.

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