What Does it Take To Be A Natural Bodybuilder

Many guys go to the gym hoping to get a body like the professionals in the bodybuilding magazines. Some of them believe that they can build a top competitive physique in a matter of years, while some even believe that a pro physique is achievable in a matter of months.

They start training and after they realize that building a headturning physique is not easy at all, they end up disappointed or worse turn to anabolic drugs for help.

Here are some guidelines on how to be a natural bodybuilder and a winner in the iron game.

  • Don’t compare yourself to the s*****d users. Unfortunately, a natural bodybuilder will never have the same results as a s*****d user. Remind yourself what are you training for. Is it getting in shape for competition, fame, or just to look good and be healthy.
  • You have to train correctly. Many trainees don’t have a training plan prepared. They just randomly go from bench to curls to cables. They are doing exercises without any order. Many of them don’t use full range of motion and cheat on just about every exercise. You have to use perfect form if you want to grow and also for your own safety.
  • You have to eat correctly if you want to come close to s*****d user results. Eat 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound in 5-6 meals throughout the day to gain mass. You also have to get your rest – 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Without eating and sleeping enough you might as well forget about having a physique you can really be proud of.
  • Train hard. Actually train harder than drug users. They can get away with cheating and skipping workouts but you can’t. Make a training plan, use the heaviest weights you can lift with perfect form and keep progressing.
  • Don’t overtrain. Don’t do countless “pump” sets. Remember, in the world of bodybuilding more is not better – use only enough number of sets to stimulate the muscle, then go home to eat and rest. Get in, get the work done and leave.
  • And finally, don’t strive to achieve a pro physique. The pros are usually genetically gifted individuals that use large amounts of s******s. If you have enough discipline, dedication and desire, you’ll build a physique that turns people’s heads wherever you go.


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