6 Weighted Abs Exercises for a Shredded Stomach

#4. Landmine Anti-Rotation

The landmine anti-rotation exercise increases your core strength, targeting the obliques as well. If you don’t have the appropriate apparatus for performing this exercise, you can overcome this problem by placing a barbell in the corner of the room.


The key of performing this exercise is to avoid moving your hips. Focus on moving only your arms as you move them through the half-moon motion with the bar. If you want to place an even greater focus on your abdominal muscle fibres, squeeze them hard at top of each rep, and exhale.

#5. Oblique Bench Hold With Weight

Find a stabile bench and sit on one of its ends holding a weight plate. Sit on your right hip bone and rotate your torso.


Place your right foot under the bench on your right side, and your left on the other side providing support and stability for the torso. With your torso rotated lower it to the side still holding the plate in front of your chest. Start pushing the plate in front of you. Do several reps, and switch side.

#6. Weighted Sit-ups

You can perform this exercise in a traditional way, with your knees bent, or you can do it with straight legs. This will reduce the stress on your back, and will help you in isolating the abdominal area much better, reducing the hip flexors activation at the same time. The key of this exercise is proper form, avoid rocking yourself and performing sudden upward movements. Focus on your abdominals to execute a steady lift.


Lie down on the floor holding a weight plate above your chest with your arms fully extended. Start doing a full sit up. As you come up, push the weight above your head with your arms still extended. Don’t bring it forward, just above your head. Then, lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat.

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