The Total Body Conditioning Workout

50 Repetitions Workout

This next phase of the program is going to entail that you keep on the same three-day schedule, but rather than going through the complete circuit four times, you’re only going to proceed through it two times, but your repetitions are going to be pushed up to 50 rather than 25. Don’t bother increasing your weights, but rather keep it the same as what you are doing with the 25 repetitions.

You’re going to want to stick to this 50 rep workout for the same period of time, i.e. two weeks, before moving on to the last phase of the program, which is the 100 reps workout.

100 Repetitions Workout

This is the point where the program really comes into fruition, and is what you’ve been building yourself up to. You’re going to want to stick to the same weights that you were using on the previous two workout regimens, but rather than going for 50 reps like the previous one, you’re going to want to push it up to 100 reps for each of the exercises without taking any breaks in between.

The good news is that you’re only going to have to go through the circuits one time for this part of the program, and you are going to decrease the amount of days that you perform it down to two. So for instance, you might want to only come in and perform this workout on a Tuesday and Friday.

If you successfully made it to this point without taking any breaks between any of the reps, congratulations. You’re only going to have to carry out this 100 rep part of the program for a week, and then you can consider this program as being successfully completed. The next step is going to be to go back and start doing heavier weights with a lower amount of repetitions.

After completing this program, due to the extreme cardiovascular endurance that you’ve been providing yourself with, as well as a substantially improved rate of recovery, you should find yourself being able to make much quicker gains in your muscle building efforts. Take a full week of rest and eating and continue with your standard workout routine.

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