9 Fitness Tips to Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Become a Better Athlete


4. Diet plays a bigger role than training itself

You can find the best routine out there, but if your diet is not in check you are not going to magically transform your body into an athletic one. I’m not saying exercise doesn’t have to anything with how you look and feel, but diet is the biggest factor in how athletic you will look. Want to be lean, strong, and healthy? Give your diet the attention it deserves. Get the right amount of calories from protein, fats and carbs. Get in your fiber and micro nutrients too.

5. Protein + simple carbs right after workout will make a difference

After the intense workout your muscles are hungry for protein and your glycogen is depleted. You can increase the benefits of your workout by feeding your muscles what they crave.

6. Add some cardio to your program

Cardio can be very beneficial for you. It can primarily improve your health, and help you reach your fitness goals faster. Cardio will speed up fat loss and increase your insulin sensitivity. Just remember not to over do it – countless hours on the treadmill or static bike will not do any good for you. Short high intensity cardio sessions will get the job done quicker.

7. Spot fat reduction is NOT possible

Regardless of what they say on TV, you can’t lose fat just on your belly, arms or thighs. Fat loss is the result of a consistent and effective cardio program and diet plan which causes a total loss of fat over your entire body. So stop doing thousands of crunches in an attempt to get a six pack.

8. Men and women should not do different types of workouts

Lifting weights will not turn women into bulky, ripped bodybuilders. What weight lifting will do is help them get lean, toned and sexy. It’s the very high protein diets and steroids that turn women into ripped bodybuilders.

9 . Weight lifting is good exercise but going to a gym is not always necessary.

You can also get great results at home too. Just look at this bodyweight workout or the “300 workout“. Remember, there are many exercises that you can do at home.



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