Leg Exercises Archive

Top 5 Dumbbell Leg Exercises

If you are not especially motivated to build a strong, muscular pair of legs, think again. There is nothing worse, and admittedly more hilarious, than a massive, sculpted upper body paired with two hairy sticks on the bottom! Due to the perceived difficulty of ...Read More

Why You Should Do Split Squats

The main problem with both the squat and the deadlift is that, once you become technically proficient, they allow you to lift a lot of weight. While it is mainly the legs that do the work, the spine has to transmit the forces generated ...Read More

Barbell Hack Squat Exercise Guide

If you are looking for an exercise to improve your quadriceps, you might just be looking for a barbell hack squat. It affects the Rectus Femoris and The Vastus Lateralis, Medialis and Intermedius muscles, with the Soleus, Gluteus Maximus and Adductor Magnus as aiding ...Read More

5 Exercises To Build Big Legs

No matter how great you look from the waist up, neglecting the development of your legs will ultimately make your physique appear weird and unbalanced. Leg training isn’t something that should be saved for “later”, once you accomplish your goal of building a humongous ...Read More