Are You Eating Too Much Sugar ? Here are The Signs That Will Show You

Sugary foods are incredibly delicious and those who deny it are flat-out liars. But as with anything that is good, it comes at a price. The thing is sugar when eaten in excess can lead to a multitude of health problems. The fact is, once you begin to understand how sugar affects the body, you will start looking at it in a different way and not a positive one, we can assure you.

So, you might ask yourself: how would I know I am eating too much of it? In this article we present to you 8 signs your body will start sending to you to inform you that you need to reduce sugar consumption.

1. You have constant sugar cravings

The fact is that the bigger the amount of sugar you consume, the more sugar you will crave. This in turn leads to consuming even more sugar, which becomes a vicious self-reinforcing cycle. This is because the taste buds in the tongue have become desensitized to it and they now need ever-increasing amounts to get the same pleasure level as before and also because of sugar’s ability to give you a sudden burst of energy which is followed by an equally sudden crush, the same way an actual drug would do.

When you’re on a diet high in sugar, a hormonal response is triggered in the body in a wave-like fashion, where it takes you up and crashes you down afterwards, making the body crave more of it.

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2. You feel lethargic during the day

As we mentioned in the previous point, consuming sugar takes you on a somewhat of a rollercoaster ride where at first you feel high and then low. This is because sugar triggers an insulin spike in your bloodstream which causes the initial feeling of being high and which is then followed by a crash.

Energy levels are stable when blood sugar levels are also stable, so eating sugar in excess causes spikes in blood sugar levels which lead to the up and down cycles of energy. Eating too much of it also indicates that you aren’t eating enough fiber and protein, which are also important to maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.

3. The skin stars breaking out

Because of the insulin spikes caused by sugar consumption and hormonal cascade that start happening, some people can start experiencing symptoms in the form of skin breakout like rosacea or acne. Binging in sugary foods can start showing up on your face in a matter of days. If this starts happening, it’s time you reassessed your diet, or you might think the reasons for the skin issues lie somewhere else without checking first and foremost your dietary habits.

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4. You experience more mood swings than normal

The crash in your blood sugar levels happening right after the high can be the cause of prolonged periods of mood swings that can make you feel groggy. Needless to say, plummeting energy levels might lead to mild cases of depressions.
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