Nutrient Partitioning : Eat Big, Gain Only Muscle

If you eat the right things in the right amounts, as well as train smart and hard, you can accomplish whatever you set your sights on. However, nutrition seems to be more commonly misunderstood and used without any effects, so you need to know certain information before setting that plan in stone.

First, you have to be aware that one of two things will happen to things you consume: either they will be used or burned by muscles or they will be stored for later use, as fat. This is known as nutrient partitioning.

Second, you need to know that if your body can partition nutrients well enough, they will go into the muscles. If it can’t partition that well, you will gain two to three pounds of fat for every pound of muscles.

Third, you need to know that if your body can partition nutrients well enough, almost all of the calories that you’ll burn will come from the fat stores and not the muscles. If your body can’t partition well enough, you could quite possibly lose one pound of muscle to every two or three pounds of fat, when losing weight.

Fourth, and best – if you don’t partition nutrients as easily, you can learn to do it just like anyone else with a number of strategies.


What can you change about bad genetics?

When you think about perfect genetics, do you think about someone who has a really impressive musculature, as hard and with as little fat as possible? These people eat right but almost everything they eat is immediately converted into muscle. If they sometimes want to diet, all of the calories that they burn come from fat storage, not the muscles. They can be doing any training routine possible, but they will still be getting even better while reducing their body fat levels and perfectly accenting their muscles.

However, other people are not so lucky. When they want to gain weight, they don’t just build muscle. In fact, for every pound of gained muscle, they gain two to three pounds of fat as well! Not only that, but when they cut calories, they drop a pound of muscle mass for every two to three pounds of the actual thing you want to get rid of: body fat. This is a genetic issue and it is what creates the differences in people.

These differences are largely made up because of testosterone and sensitivity levels, but also cortisol levels. The people who can partition nutrients well have a thyroids and nervous system who have an incredibly strong function, much stronger than the norm in people who don’t share this privilege. However, you should know that everything that these people can do can be done by everyone, with sufficient training and dedication!

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