6 Steps To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

In this article we are going to present 6 tips that will greatly increase your testosterone production in a natural way. We’re going to do that by covering the key players in your testosterone production, because its stimulation is in fact a highly complex mental game.

You don’t need to always rely on pills and pharmaceuticals to boost your testosterone levels. The modern way of living is so dependent on instant solutions, that many people think that the only way to getting ripped is by taking a pill. We’re going to prove this wrong. By diving deep into the psychological factors that can help you boost your testosterone production in most natural way.

1. High Perception Of Yourself

One of the best ways to improve your testosterone production is to learn to value yourself more. People with higher perception about themselves have also exhibited higher testosterone levels.

For example, several studies suggest that earning a lot of money can be a real testosterone stimulant. This should not come as a surprise since the greater wealth can improve the individual’s perception of oneself. However, the improved perception is not the only factor. These individuals also tend to be more active and more involved in their environment. All of these different factors add up to higher testosterone levels.

Take for example the following study which monitored the testosterone production in the same group of individuals in two different tests. First they measured the testosterone levels while the subjects were made to assume low power positions. They were told not to take too much space – to keep their arms crossed, head down, not to communicate with each other. Then, they repeated the test after a 20 minutes, but the subject were now told to assume high power positions. Instead of keeping their spine bent, they now stood erect, moving around and being at ease with their environment. All of the sudden, the testosterone levels marked an increase of 25%.

This is just one illustration how you can turn things around by simply assuming more dominant position. In a sense, you are fooling your body which unleashes the hidden energy.

Consequently, if you want to make your body boost the testosterone production, you have to find your confidence and act accordingly. Project the image of success in your mind. Do whatever it takes to improve the perception of yourself. Learn to value your ego, and the alpha male hidden within you, will eventually fight his way out. And never stay put. Successful men are men of action.

2. Meditation

Meditation is another mental form of natural testosterone stimulation. The modern way of life can be a cause of constant worries, stress and anxieties, all of which are known to increase the cortisol levels in your body. This hormone is a natural born testosterone killer, and can significantly lower the testosterone presence in our bloodstream. The solution for this problem comes in the form of meditation. When we meditate, we shut our minds off, taking our thoughts away from all the worries of the everyday life. In fact, it has been proven that 20 minutes of meditation can greatly increase the testosterone production.

3. Workout

Exercising is always a good way to increase your testosterone levels. But, if you want to send your testosterone off the charts, you should really go hard. We recommend doing high-intensity interval training combined with a variety of compound exercises.

With high-intensity interval training you activate the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which in turn increases your testosterone levels. Most of your fast-twitching muscle fibers are located in your hamstrings. Consequently, doing sprint intervals or dumbbell squat jumps can naturally increase your testosterone production. If you take a look at how the sprinters’ bodies look, you can see all the signs of high testosterone levels. They are muscular, shredded, with low body fat. So if you want to increase your testosterone, include sprint intervals in your routine at least twice a week.

The second training method for effectively increasing your testosterone production is to go heavy. One of the approaches is using different body weight exercises, which are fantastic method for prompting your testosterone production. If you are more of a gym-goer, then opt for high intensity compound movements.

We recommend sticking to four to six reps with heavy weights as an effective method for increasing your testosterone levels. It’s crucial that you overload your largest muscle groups, so you can consider doing exercises like bench-press, squats, deadlifts, barbell shrug. They are going to send your testosterone production to an overdrive.

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