The 5 Top Bodyweight Chest Exercises

You don’t need to lock yourself in the gym moving pound upon pounds of iron to build your chest. We present you 5 exercises that will develop your chest muscles with nothing but your own bodyweight.

Working out without equipment is a convenient way to develop your muscles, allowing you to perform your exercises virtually anywhere. Bodyweight exercises can substitute for almost any weight lifting exercise, providing your body with all the benefits.

Non equipment exercises allow you a more natural way for developing strength by manipulating your own weight. Consider the push up. By performing this dynamic planking motion you essentially activate your core, glutes and back muscles. All things considered, the benefits of bodyweight exercises are numerous and it’s always a good idea to include some of them in your workout regime.

We present you with a selection of 5 fantastic bodyweight exercises that you can perform almost anywhere.


There is little need for introducing the push up as one of the best bodyweight exercises. After all, the standard push up has been used for generations and generations of athletes, never surrendering its well earned reputation of a primary total body exercise. The simple, yet challenging mechanics make it one the most convenient exercise, that should be included into each standard routine. Plus, it can be performed with numerous variations, that subtly shift the target to different sets of muscles.

These variations can also be used for making the exercise more intensive, effective and even more challenging. One of the ways to make it more challenging is to take the standard floor push up and perform it with your feet elevated on a bench. Or you can opt for performing it with elevated hands. This variation of the push up allows you to lower your torso below your hands.

The staggered hands push up allows you placing greater load on one arm, by placing your hands at different heights. Some other variations of the push up include the medicine ball push ups, cross-overs, triceps diamond push ups. Whatever the variation it’s crucial that you perform them with your core tight, completing full range of motion.


In addition to being a perfect triceps exercise, the parallel bar dip can also be used to effectively target the chest. All you need is a slight adjustment of your pose. Performing the dips will not only improve your strength, but will put to the test all your control, stamina and determination. An in addition to targeting your triceps and chest, it also activates the traps and delts, and strengthens your core and your grip. Does anybody needs more reasons for taking the dip?


Start the dips in top position by grabbing the bars and supporting yourself above the floor with your arms straight and torso slightly bent forward. Inhale and lower yourself down by bending the elbows until your chest are fully stretch. This is your bottom position. Hold for a count feeling the stretch in your chest. Exhale and push back to the starting position using your pec muscle to press up. Remember to keep your chest forward when performing this movement.

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