12 Reasons You Should Start Lifting Weights Right Away

Lifting weights is something that has unjustifiably gotten a lot of bad rap over the years, especially among women, in that it will make them look bulky and too muscular. Some people simply don’t like it or believe aren’t cut out for it.

However, all the evidence points to the contrary. There is not a single person that cannot optimize their fitness level and start lifting weights in one way or another. The current prevailing opinion among ‘non-fitness’ people is that cardio machines are the first thing they should hop on once they enter the gym, however, trends are starting to shift to growing popularity of strength training programs and weightlifting. They can help you lose weight, build muscle, prevent illnesses, improve your mood and improve your overall health.

In this article we present you twelve reasons why you should start lifting weights or incorporate them into your current fitness regimen if you haven’t already:

1. For a longer life


Almost any form of regular physical activity can make you live longer, however strength training has been shown to be particularly beneficial. Research has shown that, as years go by, if we make efforts to increase our muscle mass, we reduce the risk of dying prematurely. Simply put, the more muscle mass you have, the lower your risk of premature death.

This is the reason why, instead of trying to lose weight or worrying about your BMI, you should focus your effort on building as much muscle mass as possible and then maintain. And the best way to do that, you guessed it, lifting weights!

2. Improved sleep


Those who exercise regularly, especially people who train hard and intensely, are the ones who report sleeping the best, including weightlifters. A study done in 2012 on older men, concluded that training with resistance decreased the number the times the subjects woke up and interrupted their sleep, compared to the control group that wasn’t exercising at all.

3. The progress is quickly evident


It’s only human nature to feel awesome after setting a goal and achieving it. Beginners at strength training will find this feeling amplified greatly after they find out that a weight that they once thought impossible to lift, becomes a piece of cake sooner than they had imagined. And that makes you feel like a beast.

4. It protects the bones


Lifting weights and especially strength training has been proven to increase the density of the bones, decreasing the risk of fractures and cracks, especially among senior adults.

5. Improves balance

Logically, the number one reason for broken bones is falling accidents. One of the benefits of weightlifting is the prevention of osteoporosis, which it does by improving overall strength levels and balance, which in turn resulted in fewer falling accidents. Some research has indicated that various workout programs can decrease the rate of falling in older people by twenty percent.


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