8 Things That Can Help You Boost Weight Loss While Sleeping

  1. Turn off your electronics

Studies done at Harvard found that short-wavelength blue light which is emitted by smartphones and tablets inhibit the production of the hormone in charge of making you fall asleep, melatonin. Another study found that watching television for many hours caused increased levels of triglycerides (which is usually associated with the development of diabetes) and lower levels of adiponectin (a protein which regulates your glucose levels and fatty acids breakdown) in the body.

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  1. Turn down the heating

Sleeping at a slightly lower temperature increase the effectiveness of our brown adipose tissue storage which helps burn the fat stored in the stomach, which in turn keeps us warm. One study published in the medical journey Diabetes found that people that slept in a room with a temperature of about 66 degrees burned around 70 more calories compared to those who slept in rooms with greater temperature.

  1. Sleep in total darkness

Sleeping in total darkness helps the body in releasing more of the hormone melatonin, which not only triggers quality sleep, it also helps with the creation of brown fat which is packed with mitochondria (the cells’ “energy plants”) and has increased fat-burning potential.

So, even though the fat-burning “hacks” listed above will help you lose weight, it is still recommended that you don’t skip out on your daily training session.

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