Don’t Eat That – Eat This

Chicken curry and Rice

Who doesn’t like curry? The aromatic spices, the succulent meats and a few cheeky beers is a regular Friday night treat for many people. As tasty as curry is, it’s not exactly easy on the waistline and the creamy Korma is probably one of the worse culprits. You can, however, tweak this meal and make it considerably healthier by switching the rich coconut milk-based sauce for one made with low fat yogurt. Alternatively, a chopped tinned tomato sauce works equally well. Cook your curry as normal but bulk up the sauce with lots of vegetables. In place of the rice, another source of unwanted carbohydrate, you can make a rice substitute out of grated cauliflower. Simply cut the cauliflower heads into chunks and then either grate it by hand or whizz it up in the food processor to make rice-like grains. Boil it in chicken or vegetable stock for five minutes and you have a filling rice alternative that is all but calorie-free.


Hamburgers (or horse burgers!) are generally put pretty low on the food totem pole. In addition to being made form low grade meat, the floury bread roll is made from very refined wheat and all the mayonnaise, cheese and other condiments mean that while a burger is high in protein, it’s also high in carbs and fat too. To make a better burger, use lean mince beef mixed with an egg formed into patties and serve in two large Portobello mushrooms (stalks removed) instead of a bread roll. Add plenty of vegetables, some ketchup in place of the mayonnaise and thinly sliced low fat tasty cheese and you have a decent hamburger substitute. Don’t go ruining it all by serving with fries and a large milk shake though!

As you can see, there are lots of ways to turn meals that are considered far from healthy into ab-friendly meals designed to take you toward and not away from your fitness goals. Eating healthily and dieting hard can be rough but, by making these substitutions, at least you don’t have to completely deprive yourself. Food is one of life’s pleasures after all.

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