10 Ways to Build Huge Quads That Are Shockingly Simple


Using accessories like weight belt or knee wraps can be very dangerous. True, wearing them while performing some exercises can provide you with additional support and allows you to handle bigger strains for the moment, but this can result in some future injury as you are not properly developing the support muscles. So, however handy you may find them presently, consider placing them in your drawer once and for all.

6. 1.5 SQUATS

Although this exercise is somewhat less known it’s one of the best when you want to hit the quads hard. The trick is in the slight variation of the movement, that will effectively result in making a W motion with your body. You start the movement like you normally would, by going all the way down. However, you don’t complete the rep by going straight up. Halfway through the motion you pause, and go back down. Note that since this squat is more difficult than the traditional one, you should lower the weight.


Many bodybuilders are tempted to cheat when it comes to leg workouts. Even if they don’t skip them altogether, they tend to take it easy on the weights providing them with mediocre attention without any substantial results. If you’ve recognized yourself in this description, stop doing this. First of all you don’t want to waste your time and energy on something that brings you nothing to show for. Instead, start hitting them on every leg day. If you think that you’re lacking the energy to give your best, postpone them for a different day, just don’t postpone them indefinitely.


One of the best ways to break through a plateau is to do half reps. Although they are not designated as a substitute for full reps, they are very functional in preparing your body to handle the stress of heavy weights. Once you’ve steeled your body to handle the weights even halfway up, you’ll find it much easier to complete the full reps within few weeks.


Static lunges are very similar to the traditional, with the only difference being that you don’t bring the foot back immediately after stepping it forward. Instead, you leave it there and continue with some extra workout by starting to raise yourself up and bring yourself down. When you feel that you have exhausted the leg enough, switch to the other and repeat the motion.


Alternating through different stances when doing squats will further improve this already best exercises for building up leg muscles. Switch through wide stance, narrow stance and shoulder-width stance to hit the quads from different angles and in different ways. This can greatly improve their growth.


Although we all might agree that leg days are the most annoying workout of the week, they are extremely important, and should be done at least once a week. So, if you have to do them in order to have fully developed physique, why not taking out the maximum from them. So don’t play hooky when it comes to working those quads, and don’t approach them halfheartedly. When the leg day comes push yourself to the maximum.

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