Boost Muscle Gains With The Pre-Exhaust Method

Pre-Exhaust Shoulders

The shoulders are also a problematic area for most people. They can be difficult to train and are very vulnerable to injury. Still, most shoulder issues can be overcome with the help of an adequate warm-up routine and an emphasis on completing a full range of motion. Stiff shoulders are a source of pain and injury, so make sure you enhance circulation and prepare the joints by performing a few warm-up exercises before moving on to the working sets.

SIDE LATERAL RAISE: 4 sets x 12-15 reps

Side lateral raises will activate the anterior, lateral and posterior deltoid heads to a different degree. Start with a light weight on the first set and work your way up.


Focus on getting a powerful contraction and maintaining mind-muscle connection. Keep your elbows rigid without locking them at the top of the movement and avoid wiggling the weight.

Pre-Exhaust Back

The goal here will be to eliminate trap involvement during compound exercises by performing an adequate amount of isolation work for the lats first. This will ensure that the lats are the primary work force on the big lifts, which is very important because most lifters suffer from overdeveloped traps and weak, shy lats.

STRAIGHT-ARM PUSH-DOWNS: 4 sets x 12-15 reps

Get on a high pulley machine with a wide bar attachment and choose a moderate weight. Focus on the contraction.

WIDE-GRIP PULL-DOWNS: 4 sets x 8-12 reps

Go heavy on this one to really make your lats, lower traps, erectors and rhomboids go through hell. Again, proper form is crucial for good results.

Regardless of whether you choose to train your lagging body parts on separate days or you incorporate them into your regular routine, these 4 simple but highly effective routines can really help you achieve unprecedented muscle growth in body parts you’ve already given up on. Will you let your weakest points define you or will you turn them into weapons for progress?

The choice is yours! Good luck and stay tight!

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