Caffeine And Exercise

Caffeine is a stimulant found in many foods and beverages that we consume on a daily basis. It can be found in coffee, chocolate, tea, energy drinks, and some of the foods that we consume. On today’s market there are many caffeine supplements, and almost all sports supplements are enhanced with caffeine.

Caffeine is classified as a drug compound and has drug-like effects on the body. It stimulates the central nervous system by increasing the alertness and focus. When consumed in large quantities it increases heart rate and blood pressure.And in some cases can lead to heart arrhythmia and even death. Due to the increased heart rate when caffeine is consumed, there is an increase in the blood flow, which helps circulate other drugs or supplements quicker throughout the body. This stimulant effect also increases energy consumption causing more calories to be burned.

Caffeine use in sports

Athletes can benefit from taking caffeine in normal doses. A few cups of coffee or green tea a day can help speed up the metabolism during a bulking cycle or a low calorie diet, so it’s often used as a help component in body-fat reduction. Also, it’s well known that this stimulant can increase the intensity of the workouts and give you more energy. Because of its diuretic effect, bodybuilders use it to reduce the excess fluid under the skin.

If you don’t like drinking tea or coffee you can always use a caffeine supplement. Caffeine reduces the calcium in the body so it is a good idea to increase calcium intake when consuming larger quantities of caffeine.

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