Chromium Picolinate as a Weight Loss Supplement

Chromium Picolinate is a dietary supplement that was found to be useful in inhibiting appetite and food cravings. Additionally Chromium picolinate has demonstrated an increase in muscle mass and loss of fat simultaneously. When used together with exercise and a calorie restricted diet, the final results can be very promising. The supplement helps insulin, which is responsible for the uptake of glucose circulating in the bloodstream.

The primary function of insulin is to regulate the metabolism of blood sugar, lipids (fat, cholesterol, etc.) and proteins. Insulin plays a key role in the process fat reduction and muscle gaining. The high variation in the levels of insulin in the blood, usually resulting from high consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates will lead to fat accumulation and the desire to eat more carbohydrates. It’s what many call the “craving for sweets”. Also the increase in body fat reduces insulin sensitivity, so obese people have difficulty losing weight.

So to avoid this situation it’s important to try to keep insulin levels stable. Studies show that a more optimized performance of this hormone accelerates weight loss in adults, regardless of physical activity. This is where chromium picolinate is used. It helps the body to use insulin more effectively and maintain normal levels of sugar (glucose) in blood. The chromium supplementation can prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes in people with insulin resistance. Because of its properties, some scientists have cataloged chromium as “the medical miracle”.

How does Chromium picolinate work ?

The exact mechanisms by which chromium improves this insulin efficiency are currently unclear. It has been suggested that chromium somehow works to increase sensitivity of insulin receptors (Krzanowski, 1996). There are theories that the improved insulin efficiency causes an increase in the production of serotonin, which subsequently reduces appetite. But the fact is that chromium enhances the effect of insulin in the body, improving the uptake of glucose, thereby causing a better blood circulation and more stable blood sugar levels.

A bigger uptake of this circulating glucose, forces the body to restore the same amount of glucose in the blood for energy needs. Chromium picolinate allows body fat to be used for this restoration process. This causes reduction of body fat percentage, reduction of catabolism, while muscle mass is increased.

How is chromium picolinate used ?

Many people use it as a dietary supplement that may help in inhibiting appetite and craving for food. If the supplements are consumed with regular exercise and as a part of a calorie controlled diet, the results can be prominent. However, the everyday dosage should not exceed 1200 mcgs, or else it may lead to liver or kidney diseases.

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