Pre Workout Supplements To Boost Muscle Gains

The pre-workout supplements are becoming really popular these days.This is probably because many of them really work and give the trainee instant benefits.Good pre-workout supplements contain ingredients that are known to give the trainee more energy, better pumps, more power, and promote muscle growth. What does a good pre-workout supplement usually contain:

– Caffeine – It can be found in many foods or beverages, but the pre workout drinks contain higher quantities of it. Caffeine will give you immediate energy boost, help you get more intense workouts, and also it will increase your metabolism.

– NO boosters. A nitric oxide booster likeĀ  agmatine sulfate, arginine AKG, and citrulline malate can increase the blood flow and increase the pump you experience during an intense workout.Increased blood flow means your muscles are being fed an increased amount of oxygen and other needed nutrients so a nitric oxide booster also boosts muscle growth.

– Creatine – a good pre workout supplement will usually contain 2 or more grams of creatine per serving.Creatine helps in supplying energy to muscle cells by increasing the formation of ATP. (Adenosine Triphosphate)

– Beta alanine – It reduces the effect of burning in the muscles while training.Beta alanine helps buffer the acidity produced by hydrogen ion accumulation during the workout, which means delayed muscular fatique.Your pre-workout should contain a minimum of 1g beta-alanine per serving.

A pre workout supplement may contain additional ingredients than the listed above, but the above ingredients are the most common.Also when you buy a pre workout supplement make sure it contains the adequate doses of the ingredients that are listed on its label because you don’t want to waste your money on a supplement that contains just high doses of caffeine or sugars.

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