8 Fatty Foods That are Pretty Good For Your Health

4. Nuts Are Good

All kinds of nuts are beneficial to your heart. You can eat everything from pecans to hazelnuts but walnuts are especially heart-healthy due to the amount of “good” fat they deliver. Be careful though not to eat too many if you are watching your calories. A healthy serving would be 1 ounce which equals:

  • 24 almonds
  • 18 cashews
  • 35 peanuts
  • 15 pecan halves

5. Eggs

Eggs are fairly inexpensive and full of protein. A nice sized large egg will have less than 5g of fat, and mostly healthy fats. Some eggs come enriched with more omega-3s so check the carton before you buy. Also, don’t throw away the yolk.

6. Olive Oil

Whether it’s for salad dressing or cooking, olive oil is recommended as its high in the good kinds of fat. But be reminded that you still need to watch the quantity of fat you take in even if it is the good kind. Use less than the recipe says when cooking with oil. You can also use olive oil spray to control the amount. When baking, you might want to substitute applesauce for half the amount of oil in the recipe. This will cut back on calories as well as fat.

7. Beans

Beans contain omega 3 fatty acids which help elevate one’s mood. Beans are just plain good for you whether they’re Great Northern, kidney, soybeans or navy. They are helpful to both mental and physical health.

8. Flaxseed

To enhance a healthy diet, flaxseed fats can improve your skin and make you look younger. In addition to the “good” kind of fats flaxseed also contains fiber and is known to ease inflammation. It is recommended that you grind up flaxseed and sprinkle a teaspoon over salads and cereals. It can also be added to recipes when baking.

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