7 Amazing Facts About Watermelon: Nature’s Most Powerful Food

As it turns out, the watermelon has a lot more to offer than its sweet flavor and plenty of water. This refreshing fat-free and low-sodium fruit actually contains a powerful bunch of nutrients such as vitamins A, C, B6 and many antioxidants and amino acids. The following article will give you seven great reasons why the watermelon deserve a special place on your summer menu!

1. It’s low-calorie

Watermelons are not only a great source of vitamins and potassium but they are the perfect low-calorie snack as well! One cup of raw diced watermelon contains around 46 calories – you could burn that with a 10 minute walk. In addition, the citrulline in watermelon has been found to reduce the accumulation of fat in the fat cells!

2. It’s keeps you hydrated

If you simply can’t push yourself to drink enough water on a daily basis, the watermelon is the right solution to your problem. It contains around 92% of water and it tastes great  – a natural alternative to the off-the-shelf sugar-packed juices.

3. It’s available all year round

Although it’s considered the essential summer treat, watermelon can be found in any season. And there are many creative ways to use it too! You could enjoy it in a salad, cocktail or a fruit smoothie.

4. It can be seedless

Nowadays there is a wide range of naturally grown watermelon types, developed by farmers over the last decades, which vary greatly in taste and color – including a lot of seedless variants for those who find the seeds bothersome.

5. It boosts performance and recovery

Watermelons are loaded with citrulline (an essential compound in nitric oxide), which relaxes blood vessels and increases the circulation to vital organs, therefore supplying more oxygen to the muscles, which in turn improves athletic performance and reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.

6. It helps the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Lycopene is a naturally occurring pigment, a part of the carotenoid family, that gives the watermelon its rich color and is also a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that lycopene supports bone health and plays a role in the prevention of prostate, lung and breast cancers. Furthermore, various researchers have concluded that both lycopene and citrulline protect the general heart health and can help prevent the development of various cardiovascular diseases.

7. It supports skin and hair health

Its vitamin and antioxidants richness nourishes the skin, while the water content keeps it well hydrated. Vitamin A provides protection against UV radiation and Vitamin C enables the production of collagen, which keeps your skin and hair healthy and firm.

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