Hidden Causes Of Weight Gain : You Eat and Train Right but You Can’t Lose Fat ? Here is Why

2. Too Little Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain

Your body can only function at its optimum when you’re well rested. If you aren’t getting enough sleep you’re putting yourself under stress physiologically. Under these conditions you will store more fat due to your resulting biochemistry.

When you’re tired and sleepy you’re unable to handle stress like you normally would. You may also grab a bite here and there just to cope. If you’re up late at night, snacking may be an issue as you may think that a snack will help you get back to sleep. But you’re adding calories and they won’t be worked off.

You can tell if you’re not getting enough sleep if you are low on energy, fatigued for no reason, becoming irritable and of course if you find yourself nodding off during the day. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Make an effort to maintain good sleeping habits and continue exercising regularly. This will help you sleep more soundly.

3. Medications may be Causing Your Weight Gain

Certain common medications for treating mood disorders, migraines, depression, diabetes and blood pressure can cause patients to put on weight. This can range from a small amount up to as much as 10 pounds a month. If you’re on hormone replacement therapy, certain s******s or oral contraceptives these can cause a gradual increase in weight. Check your medicine cabinet if you’ve gained at least 5 pounds in a given month with no change in your eating or exercise regimen.

Each medication will work in a different way to bring out a weight gain. Some just increase your appetite, others affect insulin levels and others alter the way you store fat. Everyone taking these medications reacts differently so people will not have the same side effects.

When people take antidepressants they may gain weight, not because of the drug, but because they’re feeling better and just have a stronger appetite. There are drugs that cause patients to retain fluid which causes the scale to go up. But fluid isn’t fat and this can usually be corrected.


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