Step-by-Step Guide to Fat Loss in Eight Weeks

We’re pretty sure that, as an intelligent human being living in the modern world that’s constantly bombarded with diet and fitness fads, you’re already aware that there’s no one-size-fits-all fat loss plan and that all dramatic claims about super-easy ways to shed the extra pounds should be taken with a grain of salt. Losing weight is a task that demands discipline, effort, sacrifice and patience, and there isn’t really a shortcut to achieving best results.

Nevertheless, people will always need some extra motivation to begin their journey to a fitter and healthier version of themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. When faced with too many options and choices, we all need a structured plan to get us going in the right direction.

If you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start or perhaps designing a complete fat loss program for yourself by yourself has already proven as a bit too difficult, you can finally stop wandering around and start making focused efforts to achieve your goals. We offer you an 8-week fat loss program that includes a detailed training routine and a complete diet and supplementation plan, and we encourage you to try it right now!

Regardless of how much body fat you need to shake off or how do you envision your ideal body, this program aims to give you the means to accelerate your fat loss and start making real, sustainable changes in the way you look and feel.

We might not be able to promise you the perfect results of your dreams in such a short period of time, but we can guarantee you that if you follow the instructions closely and consistently, you will be able to see great noticeable improvements in your body composition and levels of body fat in just 8 weeks!

Enter the 8-week Fat Loss Plan

This program is divided in three categories: supplement protocol, diet protocol and training protocol. Below you’ll find detailed instructions regarding each of them. For optimal results, it’s of vital importance that you follow all three protocols simultaneously and as strictly as possible!

I. Supplementation protocol

Choosing the right supplements will help you train harder, get all the nutrients your body needs to function properly and burn more fat around the clock.

Omega 3 Capsules 3 X 2g Per Day
Multivitamins 2 Capsules With Breakfast
Vitamin D3 2 Capsules With Breakfast
Magnesium Citrate 300-500mg in the Evening
Nutri Greens 2 X 2 Scoops With a Meal
Alpha Lipoic Acid 1000mg With Post-Workout Meal
Chromium 4 Capsules With Post-Workout Meal
Whey Protein 1 Scoop Immediately Post-workout
L-Carnitine 1000-4000mg Daily With a Meal of Fast-acting Carbs


II. Nutrition protocol

This diet plan is tailored to fit the requirements for a healthy weight loss for most people in a combination with the training plan listed below.

That being said, the meal options can be altered according to your preferences as long as you make sure the alternatives don’t exceed the caloric value of the proposed food items.

Breakfast 1 Fillet Steak With 2 Poached Eggs and Spinach
Breakfast 2 Omelette With 3 Eggs, Chicken and Chopped Chilli and Garlic
Breakfast 3 Protein Pancakes With 50g Blueberries
Snack 1 Chicken Breast With Hummus and Veggies
Snack 2 Jacket Sweet Potato With Turkey Steak
Snack 3 Protein Cookie With 1 Scoop Nutri Greens
Lunch 1 Mixed Salad With Chicken Breast and Raw Olive Oil
Lunch 2 Turkey Burgers With Asparagus and Avocado
Lunch 3 Cod Fillet With Mixed Vegetables and Olives
Dinner 1 Salmon Fillet With Quinoa and Mixed Veggies
Dinner 2 Lamb Fillet With Mixed Vegetables and Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Dinner 3 Sea Bass With Mixed Veggies and Rice
Snack 1 Greek Yogurt With Chopped Nuts and Berries and 1 Scoop of Casein Protein
Snack 2 Protein Porridge
Snack 3 85% Dark Chocolate With Almond Butter


III. Training protocol

The training routine is divided into two phases, each lasting four weeks, and includes a well-balanced combination of resistance training workouts and cardio sessions.

Both phases have the same weekly workout structure:

  • Monday – Resistance Training Day 1
  • Tuesday – Resistance Training Day 2
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Cardio Day 1
  • Friday – Resistance Training Day 3
  • Saturday – Cardio Day 2
  • Sunday – Rest

On the next page, you’ll find detailed workout plans for each training day of both phases.

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