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Kiwi Benefits – The Fruit That Can Reduce Bloating After a Large Meal

You may not believe it, but a dessert may be the way to reduce bloating after a large protein meal. Scientists say that eating a kiwi fruit after a large meal of meat can help you avoid that “bloated feeling” and discomfort you get when you go overboard with the calories.The studies suggest that eating even a single kiwi fruit can help people digest proteins in red meat, fish, chicken and even dairy.

Dr Lovedeep Kaur from Massey University in New Zealand says: “The observed enhancement of gastric protein digestion after eating kiwi fruit may increase the rate at which protein is absorbed in the small intestine, ultimately affecting the overall protein utilization in the human body.

The secret lies in a unique compound found in this fruit. This unique enzyme that speeds up the digestion of red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products is known as actinidin and it’s found only in the kiwi smoothie

The actinidin alone, even in the absence of any other digestive enzymes, is found to be capable of digesting many proteins present in foods, particularly, yoghurt, cheese, tuna and raw eggs, which suggests that eating a kiwi fruit with a protein-rich meal may be a suitable solution for those with compromised digestion.

As well as helping with digestion, kiwi has a higher content of vitamin C than oranges and lemons.

The study was published in the journal Advances in Food and Nutrition Research and was done on rats. The conclusion of the study states :

It is clear from the studies that consuming green kiwi fruit as part of a protein-rich meal increases the extent of protein digestion, particularly in the stomach.

This means all you athletes/bodybuilders/fitness enthusiasts that eat more protein than the average Joe, should consider eating a kiwi or two after your largest meals to speed up protein digestion and reduce bloating.

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