Shocking : Meet Pavlok – a Pioneering Wristband That Will Shock You….LITERALLY

Fitness trackers are nothing new – the market for fitness trackers has literally exploded to a $1.1 billion industry overnight. But for those of you who have a terribly hard time getting out of their bed and going to the gym even with the help of these gadgets, there might be a new ingenious tool to put an end to your lazy excuses for skipping workouts.

Based on the fact that nothing can grab hold of your attention as effectively as an electric shock, Pavlok have created the first ‘behavior change wearable’ that will jolt you with 340 V of electric current whenever you choose not to follow your fitness plan (or any other plan, for that matter).

According to the founder and CEO of Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, all of the fitness trackers currently available on the market are great for accurately tracking everything you do, but they fail to help you truly change your habits. For a person who frequently struggles with his/her workout motivation, the standard fitness tracker cannot provide that extra push, whereas the Pavlok band will help you train your brain to replace the bad habits with good ones by using vibration, beep, tap and zap sensations whenever you make your choice.

And fitness goals are not the only thing this device can help you achieve – according to the team behind it, the Pavlok is designed to assist you with breaking from any nasty habits you might have, such as biting your nails and smoking cigarettes.

And here’s how it works:

You download the Pavlok app, select the habit you want to break or set the goal you want to achieve and place the Pavlok Tracker on your wrist. The device will then integrate with sensors and GPS to keep track of your activities.

If you reach your goal, you’ll be rewarded with anything from money and gift cards from sponsors to a free one-month gym membership – but every time you engage in the habit that you’re trying to rid yourself of, like skipping a gym session or lighting up a cigarette, the device will give you an electric shock that stimulates your brain to associate the negative sensation with that particular behavior, eventually helping you eliminate the unwanted habit.


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