Protein and Health

Any regular gym member or health nut can tell you that your body needs protein. But many people do not consider the extent of protein importance in a healthy diet, and the effects that protein has on your body. Protein consists of amino acid chains that help your body stay healthy, while repairing muscles. It also has a vital role for proper growth and maintaining a productive brain processes.

Being one of the three macro-nutrients the body requires to survive, along with the very important fats and carbohydrates, protein should be made a part of anyone’s diet. It aids the repairing process of hard worked muscles, tissue and bone. Because of this benefit it is necessary to add protein after any intense activity, including hard workouts in the gym. Although many individuals associate it only with muscle building, the benefits of protein go far beyond bulking up.

-The immune system is a vital part of staying fit. A strong immune system means faster recovery. Protein helps to boost the immune system, with help coming from glutamine and arginine which are two amino acids that help your body heal faster, and prevent a flu and colds to occur in the first place.

– Protein contributes to brain health, improves blood sugar levels and even protects against age-related cognitive decline. Protein helps to repair your body and assists in slowing down the aging process in the brain.

– Protein can help decrease high blood pressure. Epidemiological studies suggest that an increase in plant proteins can reduce blood pressure.

– Researchers found out that whey protein has the ability to increase the natural production of  glutathione, a powerful antioxidant known to protect DNA and trigger the production human growth hormone or HGH. HGH is one of the most important hormones the human body produces, as it controls building, repair and healing of muscle tissues, bones as well as many other cells in our body.

As you can see protein should be a major part of everyone’s diet. The reasons for adding a healthy amount of protein to your diet could vary among the many attributes it obtains. Whether protein is ingested through supplements or food, it is important to notice that it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.


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