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The Amazing Health Benefits of Steaming Your Food

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook your food. The Chinese have been using steamers since ancient times. This cooking method preserves the vitamins and minerals in food.

It’s ideal for preparing rice, seafood, fish, meat, and vegetables. According to researchers, boiled or microwaved veggies have no cancer-fighting properties left. Steamed veggies maintain their nutritional value. The steaming process doesn’t destroy the nutrients in your favorite foods.

Is Steaming the Best Way to Cook Food?

The easiest way to adopt a healthy lifestyle is to start cooking at home. This way you’ll know exactly what ingredients are in your food and how many calories you get. Food steamers are a staple in the modern kitchen. These small appliances reduce the risk of overcooking or burning food. They also maintain natural color and flavor in food, and require no cooking oil.

Steamed food is healthy and nutritious. If you’re trying to lose weight, you need a steamer in your kitchen. The cooking method allows you to prepare a wide range of dishes, from salads to fatty fish and rice. Most vegetables take less than five minutes to be steamed thoroughly. Here are some of the key benefits of steaming:

  • No oil needed
  • No cross flavors
  • Steam cooking retains vitamins and minerals
  • Steamed food maintains its cancer fighting properties
  • Steamed veggies are more nutritious and preserve their color
  • This cooking method doesn’t alter the appearance of food
  • Steamed food is easier to digest
  • Your kitchen will stay nice and clean

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of steaming. This cooking method can help reduce your fat intake and improve your health. From steamed pudding to prawn cutlets, sushi rice, steamed salmon, traditional tamales, and oriental green beans, there are hundreds of recipes that you can try. All you need is a food steamer and some free time. 

Types of Food Steamers

Make sure you choose a quality steamer that will last for years to come. There are several types and brands of food steamers, including electric steam cookers, bamboo steaming vessels, steamer baskets, and microwave steamers.

Small bamboo steamers are ideal for cooking Dim Sum, sushi and other Asian dishes. Metal steamers or three-tier steamers allow you to prepare different types of food at the same time. Electric steamers are ideal for non-traditional cooking settings, including college dorms and camp sites. Assess your needs and then decide what type of steamer works best for you.

Steam Your Way to Good Health

Steam cooking is a much healthier alternative to boiling, frying, sauteing and other cooking methods. It also requires less monitoring than range or oven cooking. By steaming your food, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and prepare more nutritious meals.

Kale, spinach, endives, collards, and bok choy are just some of the greens you can steam. Use spices and herbs to enhance food flavor and cook delicious meals. Get a quality steamer and try different recipes to vary your diet. Surprise your loved ones with steamed sweet potatoes, steamed kale with diced tomatoes, steamed shrimps with lemon and garlic, steamed clams, sticky rice and other flavorful dishes.


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