Banana and Apple Protein Packed Waffles

Depending on the type of training and your body weight, your post-workout meal should contain about 15-25 grams of protein for accelerated muscle recovery and new muscle growth. Also, you should mix in a generous dose of carbs in order to replenish your muscles’ depleted glycogen reserves. One of the most convenient ways to consume this precious nutrients is, of course, the post-workout shake, a nutritious liquid that can be drank anyplace, anytime, allowing you to support your gains immediately after putting down the weight.

However, if you’re drinking the same old shake month after month, it can get kind of boring to the point where you’re absolutely tired of the taste. The good news is that protein powder goes well with all kinds of fruits and veggies (and much more!), offering an endless amount of possibilities to make a super-tasty, nutrient-packed meal that will help you repair muscle tissue as fast as possible and keep you energized all throughout the day. From breakfast cereals to pancakes and cookies, a lot can be done by mixing protein powders with seasonal fruits, spices and your creative ideas!

Banana and Apple Protein Packed Waffles

One delicious way to start your day or get your post-workout nutrition in check is by enjoying protein-enriched waffles filled with apple and banana slices. Besides enhancing the taste, adding a banana will ensure that your waffles stay nice and moist, while the apple will provide them with a fresh and sweet flavor.

Simply combine flour, baking powder and protein powder (one scoop is enough for two waffles) in a large bowl and stir until mixed well, then add the wet ingredients – eggs, regular or almond milk, banana slices and apple slices, and stir well again until all clumps dissolve and a thick, liquid batter is formed. To make sure you end up with the perfect waffle batter, increase the amount of dry ingredients to balance out the moisture of the fruits. Then, pour about two ladlefuls of the batter into a greased waffle maker and close it. Depending on the brand of waffle maker and your personal preference, take the waffle out after 5-10 minutes. Et voilà!

If you want to amplify the flavor, texture and nutritional value of your waffles even further, add vanilla, cinnamon, chopped nuts or dark chocolate chips to the waffle batter. You can then top your waffles with honey, maple syrup, peanut butter or any unconventional yet healthy and delicious topping that pops to your mind!


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