1952 mr. universe winner over 100 years old and still in shape?!

Who says that age should become an insurmountable obstacle when it comes to bodybuilding.

Manohar Aich is a proof that with dedication and devotion you can be still active even after you turn 100. This 1952 Mr. Universe winner still has looks like he could enter any bodybuilding completion whenever he finds it fit. You must admit it, this is something you don’t hear every day. For him, this is more than mere sport. It’s the whole purpose of life. And Manohar Aich has certainly proven that he adheres to this philosophy with all his heart, soul and body.  Although many retired sportsmen claim that they still train and pay attention to living a healthy life, few of them look their best after deciding to quit. Well, this is far from true when it comes to Manohar, who never gave up the gym.

Weightlifting became Manohar’s obsession while serving for the Royal Air Force during the 1940’s.  He fell in love with the sport so much, that he refused on giving up even when he was imprisoned during an anti-colonial protest. Due to the lack of equipment in prison, he continued his development by doing bodyweight exercises. Yet, this did not stop him from making impressive gains. His dedication and determination was so great that he even impressed the prison guards, who decided to provide him with a special diet thus helping his development.

His dedication saw him become regular competitor at the Indian bodybuilding podiums during the 1940’s and because of his diminutive height of just 4’11”, he quickly became known as The Pocket Hercules. He gradually started conquering the domestic stage, proving his worth to enter the Asia bodybuilding competitions. By 1951, Manohar was competing for the Mr. Universe title, and although that year he ended up second, he’ll finally win the prestigious award one year later.


With dedication and persistence Manohar has proved his devotion to bodybuilding, turning it from a profession to a lifestyle, which allowed him to compete until he turned 90. This is admittedly one of the greatest feats in the history of this sport, and something that not many bodybuilders can even hope to achieve.

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