How Bru Luccas Became a Fitness Celebrity While on a Burgers and Pizza Diet

Bru (Bruna) Luccas is a former McDonald’s employee who became an Instagram influencer/fitness celebrity with over 1 Million of fans. One specific thing about Bru is that she just loves eating junk food.

She moved to California from Sao Paulo, Brazil 3 years ago and as many newcomers do, she worked a couple of jobs in order to sustain herself. At the time Bru was 23 years old. She worked intermittently as a handywoman, in a McDonald’s kitchen, as a busser at On The Border, and as a cashier at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.
Instagram @bruluccas

Instagram @bruluccas

What happened in 2017 will change her life bigtime. Namely, a photo of her was featured on Instagram where she was wearing her McDonald’s uniform. Everyone that saw the featured photo saw another photo where she was grilling in her bikini. That photo went viral, and in a matter of weeks Bru gained over a 100 thousand of followers.
In less than a year she became one of the most recognizable fitness celebrities on Instagram. Sports apparel companies as well as fashion and supplement companies started started writing Bruna for sponsored posts.
Today, Bru Luccas is a businesswoman with her own company. She quit her most recent hourly job some time ago to launch her own bikini company.
Instagram @bruluccas

Instagram @bruluccas


“I’ve worked very hard to get where I am right now,” says Bru Luccas, referring to her work ethic, although the same can be said about her figure.

Bru Luccas workouts

In an interview with Cosmopolitan she said that great genetics are to a large extent responsible for her looks:
“I’ve always had good genetics, but sports and the gym definitely helped me get in shape,” says the jiu-jitsu green belt, who began working out at age 15, when she’d model her mom’s full-body fitness routine. “It made me feel so good about myself.”
What’s more interesting is Bru used to have an unconventional fitness routine. Reportedly, her former work shifts began at 4 a.m. or lasted until 11 p.m., so she got used to sweating it out before or after work.
Instagram @bruluccas

Instagram @bruluccas

And she still continues to schedule gym sessions super early in the morning or late at night. In addition to daily workouts, she takes at least one dance class, does jiu-jitsu twice a week, and trains with a private dance instructor twice a week. “I’ve never trained to have an amazing body,” she says. “I train because it’s my passion.”

Bru Luccas unconventional diet

Many people believe that working out late at night will never yield any significant fitness results. Many people also won’t believe that Bru loves eating junk food while maintaining such an athletic figure.
“People don’t believe that I can eat eight slices of pizza,” she says. About four times a week, she’ll eat pizza, a burger and fries, or fish tacos with chips and salsa. Otherwise, rice and beans, and meats like beef are a staple. “I don’t do diets — I eat like any other person,” she says. “I love ice cream!

“Girls should focus on their own bodies. You should do whatever makes you happy.”

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