Building A Bionic Body

The Birth of Bionic Body

Edgard first discovered the gym after high school in Paris, while he was working toward his BTS, a type of national diploma of higher education in France. “It was a way of blowing off some steam and stress during exam periods,” he explains. “I wasn’t really driven by the desire of having ripped abs and big biceps like many other guys. Working out was more about just feeling good. I enjoyed the way it made my mind and my body feel.”

A few years into his training, Edgard contacted a sports photographer through a mutual friend. Little did he know that this would set him down a new path. “The photographer was looking for a physique athlete to shoot with, and a colleague of mine who knew him suggested I reach out,” he recounts. “I contacted him and explained my situation, which gave him the idea to do a motivational shoot revolving around my handicap.”

Edgard was reluctant at first, as he preferred to keep his handicap private; in fact, other than his family and close friends, most people were unaware of it, as he always wore pants or clothing that covered his prostheses. But after some thought, he decided to go through with the shoot.


“We shot photos of me in a variety of sprinting positions, wearing tight shorts that hugged my thighs but left my prosthetic lower legs completely naked,” he says. “The photographer then posted and tagged me in a few of the photos on Facebook, and the comments I subsequently received absolutely blew me away. The photos were met with so much positivity and encouragement. People told me I should embrace my handicap and show it without fear or embarrassment. It was truly incredible.”

The overwhelming kindness of the Facebook comments instantly flipped a switch inside Edgard. From that moment on, he decided that he would no longer try to hide his legs. Instead, he would use them as a source of motivation and inspiration to help others who might be struggling.

“I came up with ‘Bionic Body’ as an edgy and catchy name to create a sort of motivational brand around,” he explains. “I registered all the social media accounts for it and started posting highlights of my life and my workouts, with my prostheses always on display.”

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