The Most Ridiculous Excuses People Use to Avoid Working Out

Finding excuses for not doing something is easy. But it’s also lame. Finding the strength and determination to get the job done is what makes us man. The same goes for weight training. Telling yourself that you have no time or money to do weight training is just another lame excuse which you use for concealing your laziness. The bottom line is that you’re only cheating yourself of your good health and fitness.


In this article we’ve chosen to skim the most typical excuses that people give for choosing to shove aside weight training. At the same time, we’re going to show you that they are all easily manageable.


Well, this is not exactly true, is it? Yes, there are some high end gyms that offer expensive membership, but there are some gyms that offer a fairly reasonable prices. And if you compare how much money you waste on beer and junk food, even the more expensive ones seem reasonable.

So instead of whining how expensive gyms were, go out and find one that fits your budget. You can also cut on the burgers and burritos, and start preparing your own food. It’s not only cheaper, but healthier as well.

Excuse No. 1 LACK OF TIME


“I have no time” is probably the most frequently uttered phrase in the universe. In case of weight training, this is probably the excuse that all the lazy people give. Yes, it’s true that going to the gym will take some of your precious time, but probably not as much as watching television.

Just think about it. One training session last for an hour or so, especially if you focus on performing high intensity compound exercises that offer a total body activation.

If you have 4 training sessions per week, that’s 4 hours in total. Or that is just 3% of your total time. When you crunch the numbers like this, it doesn’t seem that much, does it?

In other words, saying that you have no time – that’s probably your laziness talking. And the best remedy for that is getting off your arse!

If you still can’t find time to fit an hour of weight training in your daily schedule, than you might have to compromise a bit. Performing the exercises in the morning before you go to work will require you to get up a little earlier, but that’s a small price to pay for all the rewards you’ll rip throughout the day, taking it on with rejuvenated force.


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