Witness the Worst Performed Squats in History – and With 880lbs Too

Most of the guys are can be seen showing off with how much weight they can lift, and there are many among them who are actually in not so good shape or they have bad form. But it’s inevitable to meet several guys like this in every gym – the so called “Ego lifters”. The ones who are clearly lifting much heavier weights than they can actually handle. However, they are confident and proud about their “achievement”.

What you’re about to witness is the kind of an ego lifting we just mentioned. The kind of ego lifting that gets you nasty injuries. The guy in the video attempts to lift incredible 400 (880 lbs) kilograms with the worst form ever. No dude, you’re definitely not ready yet for that lift. Or you’re doing some  kind of a knee lift, if that’s some sort of a new lift form.

Check out the video below and witness the worst of the squats ever seen. And don’t forget to turn on the sound for the narrator’s comments that will make your day.

Bonus: This is the first time I see someone squatting and wearing CROCS !!

What do you think, how long before a disaster happens with this form.

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