Study Shows That Posting Workout Pics Indicates Psychological Problems

Everyone has “friends” who go the gym constantly and are posting all their workouts, the meals they eat, weights they lift and shirtless selfies all over social media. Well a recent study by the division of psychology at Burnel University has come to the conclusion that posting workout pics indicates psychological problems. People who post selfies constantly to social media are seeking attention and validation from their “friends”.

This study particularly said that people who post their “diets” and “exercise routines” were more likely to post updates to social media in order to garner attention and likes.

These people are usually more extroverted in nature, than those who only post things to people they are close with, usually significant other and family and friends.


The study also had a secondary purpose and concluded that people who posted to social media more frequently about certain topics might be experiencing what they call “social inclusion” due to all the likes and comments they’re getting on their status updates.

People who posted status updates about their diet and exercise routine appeared more narcissistic according to this study, suggesting that they use Facebook to broadcast the effort they put into their physical appearance.

This study suggested that people who have lower self-esteem post more often about their relationships to give people the impression that everything is fine in their relationships, when in turn it really isn’t.

The study is rather eye opening and can tell you a lot about why people do what they do on social media, give it a read and you might start changing what you post onto social media after you self-diagnose yourself.

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