Teyana Taylor Reveals THIS Is The Secret To Achieving Her Bangin’ “Fade” Body

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards was full of thrilling and spectacular TV moments, one of them being the unraveling of Teyana Taylor’s smoking hot body. Everyone was shocked by her appearance in the Fade music video inspired by Flashdance, where the new mommy who had a baby last year was working up a sweat and dancing wildly in an empty room.

The reaction was overwhelming with a majority of people naming her their fitness god. It’s not a bad thing to have a fitness target you can aspire to, however getting her physique might be a bit harder to achieve than you thought, because of the fact that she has used some unconventional fitness methods and a nutrition regimen.

Taylor says that dancing is her workout routine. Nothing else. She just dances. She thinks dancing is extremely underrated in the fitness community. So, it’s simple, make a compilation of songs that fire you up and dance away. A friend of hers has confirmed this, saying she has always had this amazing body because when she enters the studio she just dances. That’s the workout.

The diet was also unconventional, as we previously mentioned, and if you think she follows a traditional clean food diet to supplement her dancing workout you would be wrong. She said she didn’t need any sort of diet at all and that she practically ate everything in sight, which should put you at ease if you can’t resist junk food. She has also said that eating healthy wasn’t her thing. She is the type that eats candy and donuts for breakfast. Whatever she eats, she simply doesn’t gain weight.

What’s more, she didn’t start preparing for this fitness journey after she had given birth to her baby until three weeks before starting the shoot, simply because she didn’t know it was happening. She said she was shaking, she was excited and nervous at the same time when she heard she was going to star in the video. She was just as shocked as everyone else when she first saw it because she hadn’t seen any snippets of the video beforehand.

So, the lesson from this article is simple, get a podium and start dancing.

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