The amazing 78-year-old gym-junkie grandma who can deadlift 245 pounds

Life turned around for Shirley Webb, aged 78, after she joined a local gym in Illinois two years ago. Considering her age and the fact that she has never been very physically active, she had difficulties getting up from the floor and climbing stairs, always having to hold on to something.

But then she decided to accompany her 20-year-old granddaughter to the gym and in a short time, not only she became able to get get up without help, she soon found out that the deadlift was her specialty! “My trainer realized that i was kind of strong, so he kept adding weights“, she said in an interview.

Her strong will and competitive spirit allowed her an amazing progress. She started out slowly, with a little over 40 pounds, but according to her trainer John Wright, after six months she could lift in the 200-pound range – now she lifts a staggering 245 pounds!



Her trainer has been filming her workouts and putting them on the gym’s Facebook page, where she gathered a lot of attention. She’s also already really famous in her gym in Illinois, inspiring others to push themselves to greater achievements. Webb has already set records for deadlifting in her age and weight group – 237 pounds in Illinois and 215 in Missouri and now she’s out to set the first national record for deadlifting in her age group. Her next competition is in June, where she hopes to set a personal best with a 260-pound deadlift.

This unstoppable woman has never felt better in her life. She visits the gym several times a week and has no plans to slow down. Her family is totally fascinated by her amazing physical transformation. “I’ve just always wanted to do the best I could in anything I’ve ever done“, she explains


Let’s be honest. If a 78-year-old grandmother has the determination to train her body to pick up a bar loaded with 245 pounds and lift it three times – there are absolutely no excuses left for the rest of us!

We’re feeling pretty inspired. What do you think?

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