Meet ‘The Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi – The 29-Year-Old Powerlifter From Iran

Meet Sajad Gharibi, a 29-year-old Iranian weightlifter who has rightfully earned the nickname “The Iranian Hulk“, or “The Persian Hercules“ as he likes to call himself, with his enormous muscles and fierce facial expressions.

The young man has created a lot of fuss on social networks and gained a large following with a series of notable shirtless pictures that show the stunning size of his muscles. He can lift up to 386 lbs (175 kg) and competes in the powerlifting category at national and international competitions.

What or how exactly does he lift ? Is that his deadlift weight ? Bench press? Squat ? It seems that he still didn’t specify how he lifts the weight he mentioned though. If that’s his biceps curl weight then it is an impressive weight. Even a bench press of 175kg is still impressive. However if that’s his deadlift or squat weight, then that’s not so impressive for a guy his size.



Being only too eager to show off his massive frame, Gharibi has quickly become an internet sensation in his own right, increasing the number of his Instagram followers from 59.000 to 108.000 in just a few weeks and 500.000 in a couple of years. Some people are so awe-struck with his rock-hard 350-pounds physique that they suspect his pictures have been photoshopped.



In one of his posts, accompanied by hashtags such as #strongman, #strongbody and #powerful, he warns Triple H that he is coming soon, revealing his ambitions in professional wrestling which could hardly shock anyone. His apparent strength and level of self-confidence suggest a bright future as a top-quality WWE fighter.



We have no details about how Sajad Gharibi came to this size, but we definitely consider his appearance as one of the most-attention grabbing we’ve seen lately.

Check out his instagram @sajadgharibiofficial for more jaw-dropping material.

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