Top 10 Workout Songs From ’80s Movies

Working out is often obstructed by the sheer monotony and dullness of your everyday life and most people turn to music while working out. In this article we’re going to look at some of the most popular 80s music to add to your workouts playlists. The 80s were the age of aviators, track suits and general awesomeness, but the most notable aspect of this decade for us was the music that was in the background of all those famous training montages from the biggest blockbusters. These synthpop tunes will have you running to the gym with the spirit of Rocky, Ren and Mr. Miyagi, so hear them and add them to your exercise jams!

1. Vince Dicola – TRAINING MONTAGE (Rocky IV)

The fourth installment of Rocky proved that the treadmill and leg extension machine weren’t up to the challenges posed by Mother Nature, as Rocky defeats Ivan Drago, who trains with the most sophisticated equipment!

2.  Joe Esposito – YOU’RE THE BEST (The Karate Kid)

“The Karate Kid” is one of the epic movies of the 80s, and this tune is a surefire way to get you to lift all those weights and practice your roundhouse kicks.

3. Kenny LogginsDANGER ZONE (Top Gun)

Goose says that this song will boost your pump, and he’s also reminding you to never leave your wingman behind!

4. Michael Sembello – MANIAC (Flashdance)

When you get to the gym and you notice that you forgot your leg warmers at home, don’t despair – listening to this song will have you channeling your inner flashdancer while lifting.

5. John Cafferty – HEARTS ON FIRE (Rocky IV)

This song is here just to remind you to regularly use yokes, wheelbarrows and bags of rocks as your training tools.

6. Paul EngemannPUSH IT TO THE LIMIT (Scarface)

The Tony Montana inside you is telling you to listen to the lyrics and make sure they motivate you to work out. Unlike Salt-n-Pepa, pushing it ‘real good’ isn’t enough – we want to push it to the limits!

7. Bonnie TylerHOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (Footloose)

Whether you’re strong, fast or larger than life, you’re ready for lifting all those weights to this tune. Mr. Bacon says to lace up those dancing shoes and prove that any hero is more than just a sandwich, so listen and pump that iron!

8. Survivor – EYE OF THE TIGER (Rocky III)

Getting the ‘eye of the tiger’ means so much more than just your left hook, cross or uppercut. Listen to this tune and run some laps, or save it for the hardest parts of your cardio!

9. Deniece WilliamsLET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY (Footloose)

You can listen to this tune when two-stepping your way towards that Smith machine.

10. Bill ContiGONNA FLY NOW (Rocky III)

Get your sweats and headbands on and make sure to run up some stairs to get the full effect of this marvelously motivating song.

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