The Top 7 Myths You Can Hear From People In Your Gym

4. A split routine will work for everybody

Nowadays almost everybody uses a split routines and a split routine is not necessarily bad. However they may not work for everybody. Split routines allow the trainee to work longer and use more volume for a trained muscle, but at the same time the large volume is the factor that prevents many trainees to progress with their training and muscle building. Only a small group of trainees, which are genetically gifted, or using anabolic s******s, can build muscle on a high volume/low frequency routine. Most of the trainees would do a lot better on a simple routine like the upper/lower split or a push/pull/legs split.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still use a high volume routine from time to time, but your basis should be a simple routine revolving around the compound lifts – at least if you are a natural trainee with average genes.


5. High Reps For Fat Burning/Toning

This myth is closely related to the spot reduction myth. For some reason people believe that if they do high repetition sets, they can “tone” the muscles. This misconception perhaps comes, again, from the burning sensation that lactic acid buildup causes. Anyway, high reps (20+ reps) will only be beneficial for muscle endurance and will do very little for “toning” a muscle.

So what is the cause of getting to failure with 30-40 reps with a weight that is too light ? If you want to really tax the muscle it’s a lot better to pick a more demanding weight and do 12-15 reps to full failure.

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6. For the ladies: Weight lifting will make you bulky and muscular

Yes, weightlifting can make you muscular and bulky – IF you train in a certain way AND eat a certain way. What this means is you need to lift pretty heavy loads (heavy is a relative term compared to your own weight of course), eat a surplus of calories and protein and maybe take some “anabolic” help. Getting that bodybuilding look doesn’t happen by accident, but rather it’s very hard to achieve it.


7. Machines or free weights ?

Almost every new gym is equipped with a plethora of machines these days. Machines are good in some cases, but nothing can replace free weights. Every machine will support you and has a pre-defined range of motion which is not suitable for every type of body. If the machine does not fit a person perfectly, the body will have to make adjustments and that’s where the trouble starts. A minor change in shoulder, hip or knee alignment might not be problematic at first but after a few months could result in a serious (long term) injury.

With free weights it’s the absolute opposite situation. Your body determines the range of motion as well as the path of movement, which is a lot better and easier on your joints, and also develops other aspects of your fitness such as balance and coordination.

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