What Would You Do If Someone Tried to Steal Your Machine At The Gym?!

Did you ever go to the gym and try to get in a few reps when out of no where some swole dude jumps on your machine/weights when you’re in between sets? There are guys like this in gyms across the country. Okay, if it didn’t happen then you should be happy, but if it has, then you probably wanna jump through the screen and sucker punch Fousey for this prank.

Yeah that’s right, a sucker punch… Not even a man to man punch. Because he is making these people feel small and intimidating them. Even after he said “Aye Aye Aye, bro I’m kidding I am shooting a video” you’re like… Well s**t! I didn’t man up! I just backed off these weights like a little b**ch

If anything Fousey just made each one of these guys that much more confrontational. Then next time someone tries to take their weights from them they will be more than ready to call them out… it might even stretch outside of the gym to other things in life… I could picture one of these guys freaking out over something minor in the near future… Thanks Fousey.

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