Russian Girl Bench Presses 375 lbs … But Wait Until You Hear Her Voice

This young weight lifter is called Natalia Trukhina. She is a professional bodybuilder from Russia. At just 23-years of age, she has already accomplished more than other athletes do in their entire careers, among which – setting multiple bench press world records as well as winning several world champion titles.


Standing just 168 cm tall, Natalia weighs a whopping 92 kilograms, most of it pure muscle. Her arms measure 45 cm in circumference and her massive legs 72 cm. More impressive still are her lifting records: deadlift 240kg or 530lb and bench press 170kg or 375lb !



To be honest this isn’t a girl you want to mess with in any situation. If you don’t believe it, take a look for yourself.


And just in case you think these photos of Natalia Trukhina may be digitally altered for that “wow” factor, go to the second page for some videosPAGE 2



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