Jacques Sayagh – The Homeless Bodybuilder from Paris

Bodybuilding is a tough sport. Not to mention it’s pretty expensive. The gym membership, all the food you need to buy, the supplements etc. But for this homeless guy, the love for bodybuilding conquers all the obstacles.

Jacques Sayagh is a 50 year old bodybuilder who lives a hard life on the street. His life is pretty tough even without the bodybuilding. He sleeps on the pavement with his dogs and eats there too. But even though he lives in pretty bad conditions he still finds a way to do what he loves the most – he trains.

He does push ups on the pavement, pull-ups with belts suspended from lamp posts and biceps curls with a rubber band attached to a fence.

People do not understand why I sleep on the floor, but I never feel cold. I knew drugs. I slept with prostitutes. In the morning, you see corpses, thieves, people who want to fight with knives, but I always had a sporting spirit. If I didn’t have my body, I could have died.”

Sayagh still competes in bodybuilding contests despite a diseased liver from his days of alcohol abuse, but he has a motivation to compete and train:

“I have grandchildren,” – he says. “I don’t want them to think that their grandfather is an a*s****.”

“I want them to be proud of me. That’s all I want.” says Sayagh

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