Old Man Pranks Bodybuilders By Out-lifting Them in a Hilarious Video

Have you ever seen a 84 year old man doing 465 lb back squat, 365 lb clean and jerk, 302lb snatch? No? We didn’t think you had. If you want to see one, take a look at this short and hilarious video prank brought to you by Kenneth Leverich.

The world know 28 year old strongman teamed up with a thrillist to show off some bad grandpa power moves on Venice beach, where he challenges some real iron beasts.


Needless to say that the crowd went head over heels with his demonstrated strength. The best part of it all? He manages to conceal the prank the whole time leaving the scene without revealing his true identity and even throws in an advice or two for the baffled guys, who could not help but wonder what had hit them.


After all, it’s not like you can see a grandpas doing 460 lbs. squat every day.

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