Tragic But True : The shocking anti-obesity advert that will make you think twice about your long-term eating habits

This video was created by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: Strong For Life, in hopes to remind parents and everyone how harmful bad eating habits can truly be. The video, Rewind The Future, takes a look into the life of a young adult and shows us how and why a lifestyle like this can be detrimental.

The Strong For Life website says they didn’t create the movie to make anyone feel guilty, but rather to open the eyes of people everywhere and to help educate on this issue. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think!

The video, taken from Jim’s point of view, shows doctors inspecting him as he lies on the hospital bed, struggling to breathe, weighing 300lb.

‘How the hell does that happen?’ asks one of the doctors, before a series of shots rewinds to Jim’s childhood to show how a lifetime of bad choices was started with one made by his mother.

The video shows Jim at various stages in his life eating unhealthy foods and sitting around watching television or playing computer games.

The short-film however goes back to Jim’s childhood to show how his unhealthy eating habits were in fact precipitated by his parents – various scenes show his mother feeding him sugary breakfast cereals and even French fries as a baby.

The video is aimed at teaching parents to establish healthy eating habits into their children at a young age.

The choices you teach your child today become the habits they take into their adulthood.

Via Dailymail

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