The Ultimate Bodybuilding Showdown – Arnie vs. Ronnie

The hall of fame of iconic athletes primarily consists of sportsmen who managed not only to become a dominating figure in their sport, but took the sport to another level. By acquiring the status of a pop-star, they are the people who popularize the sport among the general population. Their skills and feats are praised by the peers and hardcore fans, while the media follows their professional and private exploits. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman are undoubtedly the two most iconic figures in the world of bodybuilding.

The two athletes have a combined haul of 15 Olympia trophies, and huge body of supporters who will never agree which one of them was the greatest of all times. Even trying to imagine what their showdown could look down is enough to give you the chills. In one corner we have the famous Austrian Oak and former world record holder of Olympia wins, who used the sport as a stepping stone for his illustrious movie career before becoming a Governor. In the opposite corner we have The Big Ron, who cannot boast with his movie career, but managed to scoop more Olympia titles than Arnold, taking the podium 8 in a row.

Sadly, this showdown never took place, as we were misfortunate to have Coleman and Schwarzenegger born in different eras. But that never stopped fans from speculating what would have happened if these two legends had a chance to compete against each other in their prime. Although Coleman has a mighty ally in his size and musculature, Arnold was notorious for observing his aesthetic figure despite the muscles and as a man who did know how to strike a pose.

Of course, speculating is one thing, while witnessing the competition with your own eyes is completely another matter. Well, we might be able to do something about that. Check out this video to find out what would this ultimate showdown look like. Place your bets!

Who do you think would win in this ultimate showdown? Let us know in the comments below !

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