This Guy absolutely SLAMS Modern Bodybuilding and it’s Hilarious!

Are you new to the weight room and would like to learn everything about growing like a champion? Watch the video below to get all the information you need in 3 minutes. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned weightlifter who thinks he already knows all there is to know about lifting? Watch the video below to check your proficiency. Oh, and another thing – your sense of humor also needs to be a bit on the wacky, sarcastic side.

Casually Explained is a YouTube channel featuring parody educational videos with humorous overviews of a vast variety of topics, including fitness and bodybuilding. The episode about lifting alone received more than 1.15 million views and 890 comments because this guy is so damn good at slamming every aspect of the bodybuilding stereotype there is – from obsessing with how to surprise your muscles to the mythological powers of different rep ranges. It’s definitely a solid watch that will give you a reality check on your bodybuilding lifestyle, so if you recognize some parts (or everything you actually say and do!) of your workouts in this video, don’t go all grumpy and defensive – instead, you could just laugh and try to improve your attitude so you don’t come off as a poser in the gym anymore and perhaps even make some real gains.

And now, the video:

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