This Jacked Kangaroo Has Bigger Biceps Than Some Bodybuilders

Forget about all those dangerous bears and lions and meet Roger, Australia’s most badass red kangaroo.

This spectacularly ripped 9-year-old fellow is 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs around 200 pounds, which makes him a real Hulk among his kind. He lives in the Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs, where he enjoys sparring with other males and destroying metal buckets with his bare paws.

As a result of that, Roger has acquired some truly impressive muscle definition:

This bodybuilding kangaroo is trained in hand-to-hand combat and can disembowel his opponent with a well-placed kick, according to the sanctuary manager Chris Barnes. “He’s an expert kick boxer and can split you open with one big kick“, he adds. And Roger is still growing, so he’ll get bigger and stronger in the future. Talk about great genes. We simply cannot wait to see how he will look in a few years, especially because his rock hard muscles are so incredibly human-like that he almost looks like a human bodybuilder ready for a competition.

Anyway, seems that no matter what humans do, the animal kingdom will always reign supreme in terms of muscle mass and strength. After all, many animals are blessed with physical benefits humans can only dream of. But we can still use examples such as this one as sources of motivation. If a kangaroo living in a sanctuary can achieve this kind of definition, you’re not allowed any excuses.

Keep pumping and remember to never mess with a fully grown male red kangaroo!

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