Guy does almost 5,000 burpees in 12 hours, breaks world record

If you did some burpees before, you surely know how taxing they can be, right  ? Doing just a couple of minutes of burpees can seem like an eternity. Now just imagine doing burpees for 12 hours straight.

Well, Bryan Abell, an army officer made burpees look like a piece of cake recently. He actually broke the world record and did almost 5000 burpees in a day, half a day to be precise. His goal was to complete 4500 burpees, but he outperformed that by performing 4,689 repetitions and made a load of money for military cahrities in the process.

You might find them a pain to get through when they’re included in a HIIT class,

He also smashed the world record and raised a whole load of money for military charities in the process.

According to Michigan Live, Bryan ‘s motivation for blasting through so many burpees was to raise money for a charity he had set up with his sister.

The Stronger Warrior Foundation says its mission is “to provide help to those who have or are actively serving and their families through financial, physical and mental support.”

Why the burpee is a great high intensity cardio exercise

The burpee or also known as a squat thrust is a full body high intensity aerobic exercise. It combines strength training and aerobic conditioning as few other bodyweight exercises ever could. 

Burpees are named after their inventor, physician Royal H. Burpee. He invented them in the 1930s as a tool for testing physical fitness. During the World War II the burpee was used as a part of the physical fitness assessment for new recruits by the United States Army, and it is still used today.

The classic burpee is a four-count movement consisting of four steps:

  • Start by standing upright, then drop into a deep squat
  • With your hands just in front of you, kick your feet back so you end up in the plank position
  • Then bring your feet back to behind your hands so you’re in the deep squat position
  • Jump up, with your hands above your head

If you lack intensity you can make the burpee even more difficult by adding a push up at the bottom of the movement.

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