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The Easiest 8 Ways to Burn 100 Calories in Less Than 30 Minutes

The number one excuse the majority of people give about missing a workout is how little time they have for training during the day. However, just because you haven’t had the time to go to the gym, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be doing a “mini-workout” versions. You actually are, by the way, as long as you keep moving and burn some calories off than sitting all day on the couch.

How to burn 100 calories in less than 30 minutes

Even though going to the gym is always a better idea or go jogging sporadically, we offer you 8 alternatives you can use to burn off 100 calories in less than 30 minutes. Important thing to note here is that these tips will only apply to someone who has a normal weight and isn’t obese.

1. Try bowling – it burns 100 calories in less than 30 minutes

Instead of going to the cinema and spend a few bucks without having no physical activity whatsoever, try spending the night at the closest bowling alley you can find. Bowling is always fun, it is competitive and has been shown to burn off 100 calories in 26 minutes. Also, chances are there’ll be music there, so why not do a little dance while you next turn comes up to burn off some extra calories.

2. Take the dog for a walk

Research has shown that people who own dogs are in a better physical shape than the majority of people who don’t own pets, and it seems that the main reason for that is that dogs need to have their daily walk. Dogs are actually great motivators at getting your a*s up and going out and it doesn’t take much to spend a good amount of calories. Walking at a pretty fast pace can help you burn 100 calories in around 17 minutes.

3. Take up swimming

Swimming can give you a lot better cardio workout than any other conventional gym methods. It is also very safe for your joints because it’s very low on impact, while at the same time improves muscle size and strength, endurance and balance. Additionally, it helps you burn calories really fast. Only 15 minutes of regular swimming are needed to burn off 100 calories. If you choose to engage in more fancy techniques such as the breaststroke you are looking at spending 100 calories in nine minutes.

4. Jumping rope burns 100 calories in about 7 minutes

When it comes to training intensity, jumping rope can be compared to intensive swimming sessins or running at 6 miles per hour, However, with the majority of cardio workout, you have to do them outdoors, while jumping rope allows you to do in the comfort of your own home. All you need is some free space and just 7 minutes to burn off 100 calories.

5. Rake the leaves

People experience gardening as a fun little hobby and in many cases might even not realize that it may give them the benefits of a small workout. However, all the squatting, raking lifting and pulling in your yard can accumulate the calories spent. You can burn 100 calories if you rake and sack the leaves for 20 minutes or pull weeds for 19 minutes.

6. Dance

Dancing is another excellent way to get a cardio workout in and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. It doesn’t have to be some dance with fancy techniques, all you need is some ballroom, disco or even some square dancing. 15 minutes of any kind of dance will help you burn 100 calories. Still don’t want to learn a dance in a class? No problem, you can dance in your own home with your favorite playlist playing in the background.

7. Wash your car

Just about cleaning anything in your house can help you expend a few calories, however some cleaning tasks will put a greater demand on your body. Washing the car or the windows in the house will help you burn 100 calories in 17 minutes.

8. Take the stairs

If you use the stairs instead of entering the elevator or using an escalator, you’ll be making one of the easiest daily choices when it comes to burning calories. And it is the type of workout you can in almost any place. 14 minutes on a stair-step machine will help you expend 100 calories, but using the stairs in your apartment, house or in your office will work just as fine.

Simple tips, aren’t they? And they are great for those of you who often find themselves lacking time to do a “proper workout”. So, feel free to incorporate them into your day whenever you feel motivated to do a little training.

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