7 Foods That Will Increase Testosterone Production

3. Eggs

Also a great source of protein, eggs are a source of vitamin B5 and B6 known to help in balancing hormone levels and lower stress levels.The cholesterol in egg yolks can also increase testosterone.

4. Figs

– Figs are high in amino acids, which researchers believe can increase testosterone. It is also believed  that figs can increase your sexual stamina.

5. Asparagus

– Asparagus is a spring vegetable rich in vitamin E, which is considered to stimulate the production of the male sex hormone.

6. Oysters

– Oysters have a high Zinc content and testosterone production is dependent on zinc.Zinc will also help you relax and  sleep.

7. Avocado

– Avocado contains vitamin B6, which is helpful in increasing male hormone production. It also contains high levels of folic acid, which helps metabolize proteins. 8 Reasons To Eat Avocado (besides the fact it tastes great)


Besides these foods, there are many herbs and spices that are known to increase testosterone and promote health. Usually those kinds of herbs are packed in a supplement called testosterone booster, which promotes your own natural production of this male hormone.

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