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According to Scientists, This is The Best Breakfast For Athletes

Researchers at the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany discovered that it’s better to to eat a pure protein meal first thing in the morning than a breakfast that contains protein, carbohydrates and fats. By eating pure protein breakfast, your body produces more anabolic hormones like growth hormone and insulin and also inhibits the production of cortisol.

The majority of athletes consume a healthy meal consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats for breakfast, washed down with water, tea or coffee.  There is nothing wrong with this approach as such breakfast fuels the body that will endure physical activity during the day. However, the researchers at a German university found out that a protein only breakfast may be even more beneficial for active people.

The participants in the research were men aged 18 to 40 years. They consumed a mixture of 24 g of amino acids dissolved in a glass of water in the morning. The mixture contained the following amino acids:

– Valine,
– Leucine,
– Isoleucine,
– Phenylalanine ,
– Tyrosine ,
– Tryptophan,
– Lysine,
– Methionine,
– Cysteine ,
– Threonine and
– Histidine

as well as well as vitamins and minerals. There were three groups of participants in the research: a fasting control group (they ate nothing), a group (iso control group) that had carbohydrates with milk protein (same calories as the amino acid shake) and the group that had the amino acid mixture.

The Results

Growth Hormone

The pure protein breakfast (amino acids mixture group) resulted in a very high HGH peak: the concentration rose on average by a factor 21, and remained high for about an hour and half in most subjects.



Another effect that was observed was the declining in cortisol levels by almost 50% in the AA mixture group, while cortisol declined by 10% in the other group (iso control group).



It’s widely known that Insulin spikes after the consumption of carbohydrates. Insulin is a very anabolic hormone and, in layman’s terms, will cause the body to store nutrients into muscle cells. What the researchers found was, that there was a large insulin spike after the amino acid mixture was consumed, even though there were no carbohydrates in it.

So what’s the best breakfast for athletes ?

Athletes and people who care about health and well being in general would benefit by having a breakfast as high in proteins as possible. Doing so will result in a peak production of HGH  as well as an increase IGF-1.

A pure protein breakfast first thing in the morning is the best best breakfast for athletes, according to this study.

So keep your breakfast (or the first meal after the fast) to pure protein and you can expect to see great, long term results.

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